Freitag, 18. Januar 2008

Music for Laura - together against cancer

I am currently beginning a piano project called "music for Laura".
It is a charity project.
Its goal is saving money for the therapy that my friend Laura is doing against cancer.

We are going to organize several concerts in Vienna and other austrian cities in order to collect as much money as we can get.

It would be a new therapy in Germany, not entirely covered by the insurance. The personal costs would go around 10 000 €.

Laura is 38 and mother of 3 children, aged 12, 5 and 3.

She discovered her cancer in 2006 and is fighting against it eversince. She has bone and breast tumors.

Our project has an own webpage (now being constructed) under

You can help in two ways: sending money to the account we are going to list on the site, or offering me the possibility of a charity concert in a place you know / own.

Thank you!


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AnDra hat gesagt…

Adriana.. ce ciudat sa dau asa peste tine.
Eram AC si Klavier, prietena ta e bolnava si eu sunt. Multa sanatate Laurei!

Trist si totusi frumos... Copiii au crescut atat de mari :)